About Valet for Life

Valet for Life’s founders and long time friends, Aaron Shepherd and Kristopher Hudson, have both suffered personal tragedies. At the age of 15, Aaron lost his mother to lung cancer, and in 2007 his father lost his 12 year struggle with lymphoma. Kristopher also dealt with the adversity of losing his sister to a five-year battle with breast cancer in 2006. Both Aaron and Kristopher understand the financial burden that terminal illnesses can create, and wanted to help others through difficult times. The experience of these hardships inspired them to provide for others by creating their non-profit organization, Valet for Life. This unique concept concentrates on providing their customers with superior service and the best overall experience possible. The success of Valet for Life lies primarily on its ability to employ the most outstanding team, endorse a polished image, and hold true to its core values. Aaron and Kristopher are dedicated to fulfilling their charitable mission and allowing the legacy of their families to live on.

Our Team

Our exceptional staff is our main focus. It is our belief that employee selection and development lays the fundamental groundwork to building a successful organization. The combination of our extraordinary customer service along with our unique brand places Valet for Life in a category of its own.

Before hired, all Valet for Life prospects are put through a rigorous training program. Our initial screening process consists of behavioral interviews, driving tests, and a DMV/criminal background check. Valet for Life provides its future staff with training that focuses on expertise in customer service, standard operating procedures, workplace safety and prevention, communication skills, grooming standards, and its “secret recipe” for success.

Our Image

This is where Valet for life pulls away from the pack; our clean, competent, and confident appearance speaks volumes about our staff and organization. Our founders’ philosophy to “round” rather than “cut” corners truly shows in every aspect of our organization; for example our upgraded signs and custom tickets. These graphic banners and custom tickets display our philanthropic mission while advertising the venue and partners your donations will support. While our graphic banners and custom tickets add to our prestigious image our competitive advantage is the exceptional level of service our staff provides.

Core Values

Dependable – Seemingly at the right place at the right time, we consistently prove a concentration on quality over quantity pays dividends in the long term.
Determined – Valet for Life’s persistent approach to providing the highest level of service uniquely qualifies us as an industry pioneer.
Passionate – Our staff is comprised of highly motivated individuals with the “passion” to park for a purpose through their life experiences.
Ethical – We pride ourselves on not only doing things “right,” but doing the “right” things.
Generous – Valet for Life’s fundamental value consists of giving to others which provides our participants the highest level of self-fulfillment.
Inspirational – We strive to “inspire” our partners, patrons, team, and community to provide; making our neighborhoods a better place for all.



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Your financial donations support Valet for Life’s “purpose” to help those in need. Contributions benefit individual, local and national charities’ philanthropic missions and benevolent causes.